Welcome to Ira the taxman

Clients are responsible for checking basic info:

  • Spelling of all names
  • SS#'s
  • Total Income line 7
  • If 1099's Income on Sch. C line 1f (Confirm this is the income you want on your Sch. "C")
  • Names on Sch. "C"
  • Names of all dependents
  • Address on Return

Ira the Taxman is located in Brooklyn, NY. We specialize in preparation for both individuals & businesses (attorneys, doctors, police detectives, officers, butchers, financial executives, corporations, side businesses, many high paying sales positions, teachers, administrators, all the way down to clerks, etc.). We can help mostly everyone…
We prepare tax returns for all states.
The Taxman is a tax preparation company that prides itself on client satisfaction.  If you are a hardworking taxpaying citizen, you deserve a hard working tax preparer –who will look out for your money! I prepare every return as if it was my own… Every taxpayer has a different situation so I enter your information, ask a lot of questions, then using your answers, I come up with ways to legally increase your refund to the best of my ability (pretty darn good) as my clients will verify.
The Taxman is the hard working tax preparer you deserve. We are here year round to answer any of your tax questions. 99+ % of my returns include an optional audit guarantee.*


The benefits of having your taxes done with Ira!!

Convenient - call for an appointment, drop off your taxes, in person, by fax, scan & e-mail and we will work with you via phone, fax, or e-mail. Our clients are all over the country!
Maximum Refund - we will do everything in our power, legally, to get you a maximum refund.
Experience - let us explain the tax laws for you, we will answer all your questions & concerns; If we don’t know the answer, we will tell you. Then we'll tell you what we think and look it up! i.e. we are straight forward, no crap! We are here to help taxpayers!
Year-round assistance - your tax professional is available with tax advice even after the tax season. Even to bounce idea’s about any financial matter.
Competitive rates – Our clients know they end up with more money in their pocket.


Keep in mind:

The only things that matter are:

  1. Ending up with more money in your pocket.
  2. Filing a safe return, that should not get audited, so our returns can be filed every year.

Get a FREE Quote of your exact fees prior to filing your tax return. We enter all your tax information with NO OBLIGATION; we review your prior returns for FREE! I have seen many bad returns prepared by both professionals & self-prepared…
We also specialize in filing BACK TAXES, for individuals who, for many reasons, did not file past returns that were required to be filed!