In 1999 I started my own firm full time. I am performing accounting and tax services for businesses and individuals. I can assist in financing home mortgages 1 st & 2 nd. I am working with a broker who can help with insurance needs & financial products (ask). One of my new clients has been helping people buy homes in NJ with zero down & below market prices – by buying foreclosures, fixing them up & reselling them…ask if you are interested.

Thanks to my loyal clients recommending me to their friends, family and co-workers, I have built a strong base of clients… I pay referral fees of $100.00* for each new referral (see the referral program details). This reduces your fees and I pay cash if your referrals exceed your tax fees. I paid over $14,000.00 in referral credits this year. This is the way that I increase my business, so once again, I’m asking you to give my name/card/name of this web site to everyone who I can help (Anyone without a tax lawyer) (The more the better for all of us). I look out for everyone’s best interest, to the best of my ability! I also protect your money if questioned by the Federal or State taxing authorities.

See “Why I’m in business”