Since 1980 I always did a few returns for bosses, co-workers & friends & family. In 1989 I had $105K in W-2 income, & $110K in deductions...some returns raise a yellow flag, some a red flag, this return said audit me - no exceptions, I did so well in the audit, I said I have to start doing this professionally & my business started to grow rapidly by recommendations (word of mouth)... Back then, I was much more aggressive for everybody (than I am now)...some taxpayers wanted, and supplied numbers for, very aggressive returns, some got audited, and most clients did very, very well… Based on the deductions that got audited, I have developed formulas for returns that will not get audited and I am the person that looks out for each clients money (as if it was my own)...I also have 20+ years of experience as the Controller (top accountant) for both small & large (public) firms...I looked out for every penny I could save them - which was substantial (in addition to keeping good timely accounting books & their corporate/partnership & personal returns). I can prove or explain every number I enter on every return. I'm good at what I do & I am fair about everything I do & negotiate.

My clients are very diversified, including many attorneys, doctors, financial executives, salespeople, businesses, many low to middle income jobs, the Department of the Treasury & the
police (detectives, officers & retired) seem to really like my returns, too!

I help everyone to the best of my ability (pretty darn good). Every person has a different tax situation; I enter all data exactly how every other accountant / tax preparer would, then I do my best to create a tax return that will not get audited and get the biggest safe,legal refund possible!