I try to make paying for my services as easy for me as possible

  1. I prefer money transfers, checks or credit card payment before using Paypal
  2. Credit Cards: Ira charges a 3% service fee for this option. Clients are responsible for covering this fee!
  3. PayPal:If sending paypal payment, send as a friend so there's no fee) Clients are responsible for all fees if incurred!
Transfers to my bank account via email address -ira@irathetaxman.com

Note:All fees are to be split in 2 parts: Deposit check or transfer* 50% minimum or as much as you can. Due immediately or by your next paycheck. Balance due upon receipt of Federal refund (leave date blank). Other arrangements can be made if you get a state refund bigger than my fees. If you don’t get a refund: Fee is due immediately before filing If you don’t have the fee: I take postdated checks totaling the total fee. i.e. fee is @1000, send 2 or more checks dated when you will have funds available. On your payday is best, so you know my check Client is responsible for all bounced check charges ($15.00), if they got there federal refund.

Links to checking your refund